The Europa Magazine #64 - Cover

The Europa Magazine #64 – Cover

(Vol.XI, No.6, 1998)

Note: This was a 25th Anniversary Special edition of the Europa Magazine containing reprints of various Europa magazines/newsletters first issue)


  • GDW Newsletter 1
    • “Europa revisionism” (Commentary) Unknown
    • “Operation Taifun: The German March on Leningrad and Moscow” (Scenario) Gary Stagliano (Drang Nach Osten! )
  • T.O – issue 1
    • “Spain and Portugal review” (Review) Bill Stone (Spain and Portugal)
    • “Congress Shall Make No Law” (Commentary) Unknown
    • “Operation Felix: Scenario, Commentary” (Scenario, Commentary) Bill Stone (Spain and Portugal)
    • “Spain and Portugal: Historical Background” (Historical) Bill Stone (Spain and Portugal)
    • “Unofficial” (Variant) Unknown (Spain and Portugal)
    • “Errata” answers by John Astell (Spain and Portugal)
    • “The Canary Islands” (Historical) Shelby Stanton (Spain and Portugal)
    • “Torch: A Prospectus” (Commentary) Unknown (Torch)
  • The Europa Newsletter 1 – Note: reprint of The Europa Newsletter 1, also reprinted in The Europa Newsletter 1-4 Special Reprint
    • “From the Editor” (Commentary) Ben Knight
    • “News from GR/D” (Commentary) Winston Hamilton
    •  “US 1st infantry Division” (Historical) John Astell (Torch/Second Front)
    • “Red Desert – adding the Red Army to War in the Desert” (Scenario) John Astell (The Near East)
  • The Grenadier – issue 1
  • Nuts & Bolts – issue 1
  • – “Company Briefing: Twelve games in ’98!” (Commentary) Winston Hamilton