The Europa Magazine #26 - Cover

The Europa Magazine #26 – Cover

(Vol. V, No.4, 1992)


  • “GR/D Briefing: Here We Go Again” (Commentary) Winston Hamilton
  • “From the Editor: Hitler’s Panzers East, Implications for FitE/SE?” (Editorial) Victor Hauser
  • First to Fight – “Inside Europa: Designer’s Notes for First to Fight, Part IV” (Designer Notes) John Astell
  • “The Royal Swedish Air Force during World War Two” (Historical) Jason Long
  • “The British Army Order of Battle:S eptember 1939 to December 1940” (Historical) James Broshot and David Hughes
  •  “Objective: Sweden – The Hypothetical Invasion of Sweden by Germany, July 1943” (Scenarios) Deen Wood and Rick Gayler (Narvik/First to Fight/Fire in the East)
  • Europa On-Line: The Leningrad: 1941 Tournament Protocols” (Discussion) Roy Lane (Fire in the East/Scorched Earth)
  • Balkan Front Revisited: New Strategies and Revised Victory Conditions” (Series Replay) Flavio Carrillo and Jason Long (Balkan Front)
  • “Soviet Pre-War Fortified Zones: Rethinking Louis Rotundo’s Article from TEM #21” (Commentary) John Astell
  • Europa East Front: Chapter III – The VVS” (Strategy) Trey Nelson (Fire in the East/Scorched Earth)
  • “Rules Court: Answers to Rules Questions for Europa Games” (Discussion) Rick Gayler “EXchange” (Commentary) Readership (Scorched Earth/Fire in the East/First to Fight)
  • “Counter Sheet Reproduction from A Winter War” (Insert) (A Winter War)