In Allied Army HQ, in Trondheim, the British C-in-C is briefing his new US subordinates on the expected future of the campaign. His Canadian and British Divisional Commanders have returned from the front to help sort out supply difficulties to ensure the final break through to Oslo can occur. While they speak, it is noticed that the air has become chilly. Stepping outside, they are confronted by falling snow, becoming thicker as they watch. Its going to be a white christmas in Norway.

Glomma Valley

Several Allied units are pulled back to remain in supply leaving an advance guard in position. This is done over the protest of the Norwegian government who asks to form a flying column of volunteers to try and wrest Oslo from the German occupier. The request is politely refused. The Germans remain in position and the 69th is rebuilt to full strength. With the worsening weather and the extended supply lines, the German commander knows he has held on long enough to defeat the Allied plan of capturing Oslo He relaxes in his HQ with a cigar and brandy, savouring the bitter sweet semi victory he has achieved when the door is kicked in and Gestapo agents drag him off to Rastenburg to explain in person to Hitler his account of the campaign before being flown into Stalingrad to take charge of the situation there.

German Victory Points- 34

Allied Victory Points – 30 + 26 for cities and ports captured = 56


The key to German victory is use the KM to take on the Allied TFs. Even if all German ships are sunk, as long as they get equal amounts of hits on the Allies, the German player will get twice the victory points to help make up for the loss of ports he will suffer. I didn’t use my German TFs aggressively enough and tried to rely on the LW making naval strikes. Pretty much a waste of time due to high AA cover, especially in Port.

For the Allied player, they have lots of LCs and Amphibious units and more (yes more!) task forces available for this campaign than are available in Second Front. The secret is to use them to over come the piffling CDs and set up for some good NGS to support to seize the ports. The Guerrillas are pretty powerful too. They caught me on the hop several times, especially in the initial set up and their use in overrunning the Trondheim Airbase and CDs in the area. I think the Russian front is a bit of a waste of time. No victory can be won here, although you could lose by being too reckless.

Overall a pretty mobile and fluid game. Short too, we were in the Pubs after a few hours making a nuisance of ourselves to the locals.