The German Pz Corp struggles through the air harrasment to launch an attack on the paras outside palermo, much to German OKW embarrasment the lightly armed paras see off Herman’s tank boys with harsh language and dirty looks. (Rolled AS hee hee). Along the north coast a strong corp of Italians march towards the US infantry east of Palermo. Elsewhere in the island the Italian coastal XXs flap about a bit trying to join each other to form some sort of mutual protection society but most are left isolated and alone. To the west of Palermo regular Italian troops threaten the US forces in the area.

At Sardinia, the paras are flown out while an Italian attack on the 1st Airborne results in an EX. The shrieks of indignity coming out of Whitehall upset “Ming the Merciless” (a lovely black and white cat named after Sir Robert Gordon Menzies for its ferocious eye whiskers) and Ming threatens to set off tectonic deep sea explosions off the coast of Norway but damage is minimal and Ming is sent to join her brother Nelson (named after Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson for waking up and looking around with one eye closed as a kitten) outside in disgrace. Meanwhile the militias are called out and Cagliari strengthened.


Sardinia the British assault out of their beach head crushing the grubby little swines who destroyed my Para brigades earlier while the 11th Armoured XX breakdown to storm through to outside Cagliari while its mechanised component enters La Maddalena. At Sicily the Italians to the east of Palermo are pulverised into atoms by a strong US attack which opens up the route to Messina. US Armoured forces obligingly enter the town to the howls of outrage from Berchtesgarten – could two panzer divisions be trapped on Sicily and lost so early in the war?? To add insult to injury a couple of British XXs land at Ajaccia in Corsica, swamping the poor little coastal XX left there.