German – Not much other than some shuffling of units about to try and repair rail hits in France and southern Italy. transports are flown to Sardinia to prepare to evacuate the parachutists from the island back to mainland Italy. Boo and hisses are heard from across the table at this cowardly act.

Allied – The forces of freedom and light swarm ashore at Sicily in and around Palermo itself. Allied fighters from Malta and USAAF bombers protect the landing sites by running harrassment runs from Messina back to the beach head. The Italian defenders are crushed by the landing Americans. An air landing south east of Palermo by the 82nd XX is pretty successful and follow forces add some stability to the area. British land in Sardinia around Alghero and Porto Torres. The 1st Airborne lands astride the transportation route south of Sassan. The few Italian defenders in this area are destroyed.