Miguel looks out of the box car. They have been moving north by train now for hours but as he sees the mountains and feels breeze he realises he is approaching the northern coast of Spain. His regiment is hurried off the train and lined up on the platform. He sees the smoking chimney pots of the industrial complex and he is advised they have reached their destination; Oviedo a lone Nationalist outpost within the semi-autonomous Northern republic of Asturas. Their task is to protect the town and factory.  Loyalist sympathisers have been encroaching upon and surrounding the garrison and he is to restore order and push them back to safe distance. In particular scouts have reported the Asturians are digging in on hills overlooking the town from where they can interfere with any movements in or out along the rail/road line to the South.  His regiment is tasked with taking the fortified redoubt, securing the flank and establishing a foothold to the east of the town. This will enable a major push on the industrial port of Gijon to proceed.  Supported by the ever present 1P artillery regiment and stiffened by Nationalist regulars they take the position with ease, destroy the fortifications and push the Asturian rabble back towards the coast. Another victorious engagement!!

FWtBT No 4 - OCT II 36: Tactical view. Pressure continues on the Elbro Valley front.

Pressure continues on the Elbro Valley front.

The march of Lt Col Yague’s column across Spain was indeed well organized, professional and effective.

In the Republican Zone however the ineffectiveness of untrained militia in regular combat might have been expected but the uselessness and sloth of regular officers was extraordinary. One observer at the front during heavy fighting noted that “The staff were sitting down to a good lunch. chatting, telling dirty stories and not caring a bit about their duty, not even trying to establish contact with the fighting lines for many hours” Nevertheless the Catalonians were expectant of victory. The events in South West Spain being as a distant war in a foreign land compared to their dreams of an independent Catalan State. The capture of Zaragoza, now within 15 miles of their lead elements, was within their grasp and with its fall, they believed, Catalan would be freed and the war as good as won.

Insurgent turn

Weather remains Mud in the North and rough seas in the Atlantic.

Supply Extreme right flank of Army of Aragon out of supply. Seville feeds off GSPs

Rebuilds; 1-6 inf 17 at Zaragoza, 1-6 art 15L at Oviedo.

Attack 1; 1107.(adj Oviedo) Supplied 2-6 art 1P. 2-1-8 art E, 3-2-6 2LE, 3-6* inf XX 1Cas, Unsupplied 1-6 art 16L, 1-6 inf 30, 1-6 art 15L and 1-6 inf 31 and 1-6 bdr 9Car attack  1-2-4 inf 1 (Ast), 1-4 infs 6 & 10 (Ast) in Fort @

6:1 (-5) = DR advance; 1cas, fort destroyed.

Attack2;  3613  Supplied 1-8 lt tnk Bab (CTV), 1-8 art ter (CTV), 1-6 Mg o, 1-6 Sec 12GC attack 1-6 inf 12 @ 8:1 = DE  advance Ter, Bab, 12 GC

Attack 3; 3513 Supplied 3-2-6 inf 1LE, 1-6 sec 18GC, 1-6 art 4L,  and Unsupplied 2-3-5* inf XX Ov with Mixed B and Mixd T GS attack ( 1-6 mg 1, 1-6 inf 11)  @ 8:1  = DE.  Advance OV

Mech Move 1-8 lt tnk Bab resists temptation to exploit into Loyalist rear and falls back to 3415.

Republican Turn

Reinforcement/Replacements; All scheduled units upgraded/converted.

Fortifications started 3413 Ciudad Real, and Valdepenas.

Asturias Garrison Released.

Attack 1 3134 Supplied 2-6*inf s  5CH, 6CH and 2-6 art 2P, 1-6 inf 13, 14 and 1-6 art 7L and unsupplied 1-2-6 Sec 10GA, 2-5 inf LE (Poum) attack (1-6 inf 26, 1-6 art 9L) @ 5:1(-3) = EX (1-6 inf 13,14). Advance: 10GA 6CH

Attack 2; 2933 Supplied 1-8 mtns 1,3, 1-8 Cav 4, 1-6 sec 3GC, 1-8 ntn art 1, attack (1-5 Mech 2 and 1-6 inf 17) @ 5:1 (-2) =  DR. Advance Mtns 1,3 and Mtn art 1.

Attack 3; 2931   1-2-5 inf 4 (Cat), 1-6 art 11 (Cat), 1-5 inf 6 (cat) and 1-8 cav Buxo (Cat)- (Cat), 1-2-5 inf 3 (Cat), 1-2-6 art 10 (Cat) AND 1-6 engs 4,8, 1-6 art 8L (Militia check failed so halved) attack 1-5 inf (Fal) @6:1 (-2) = EX (1-5 inf 6 (Cat)) Advance 1-6 eng 5,6 and 1-6 art 8L