Initial Phase

Weather is automatically clear in all ground zones, as well as in the Med.  In the Atlantic, there is a 1 in 6 chance of rough, which comes up with a 6 rolled.  All units on both sides are in supply & non-isolated per rule 37C.  No gobernito garrisons are required at this time.  Two X’s of Requetes volunteer for duty at Burgos and Vitoria, while four X’s of Falangists march off to war at Zaragoza, Sevilla, Cordoba and Granada.  A random mine damage roll of 9 ensures my BBTF doesn’t blow itself to bits in El Ferrol harbor.  All a/c are fully operational, and none are put on naval patrol (while CAP is forbidden in turn 1).

Movement phase

NT’s don’t start in the most useful locations, one in El Ferrol and the other in the Canaries.  Both, along with the BBTF, head for Ceuta in Spanish Morocco to begin ferrying the elite Army of Africa across to mainland Spain.  In this first turn the O Arty III and the elite 2nd LE Inf III are brought to Cadiz for a turn one attack against Jerez.  The BBTF replenishes at Ceuta, then waits, while the NT’s move to Ceuta after they unload and being the replenishment process as well.
In ground mov’t, mainland Insurgent units are limited to 1 hex of mov’t, while AoA units are allocated ½ their normal mps.  Those remaining in Africa begin flowing west to Ceuta and Larache for future air and naval transport, while 2 LtInf II’s move to Tetuan, where they are flown to Granada (I could get twice as many RE’s flying a short range mission, but Cadiz already has enough troops and I won’t have enough rail cap next turn to get units at Cadiz forward given the ones I’ve already naval landed, so for this turn at least I decide to get units closer to the front, where they can immediately engage next turn.  Granada serves as the light infantry units can quickly advance over the mountains and seize the passes leading to Lorca and Almeria.  The Mxd T lands at Cadiz, where it is at least covered by a single flak point in the fortress, albeit in range of potential air attack should Loyalist air units be willing to base out of Malaga.  Also near Granada, the 1st Gran Fal X moves toward Motril, while the 5th Inf III moves towards Malaga.  The two units landed at Cadiz advance on Jerez and prepare to assault the ill organized defenders (intrinsic garrison only.)  6th Car Bdr III advances on the northwest road towards Huelva, while 17 GC Sec III advances towards Jerez from the rear, in anticipation of occupying that city next turn for the purposes of clearing out undesirable leftists, which will allow the elite AoA elements to move on other locations in Andalucia.  Also in Sevilla, III’s of Inf, Eng, Arty, supported by Sevilla’s Falangist volunteers move east.  Cordoban Falangists and an elite Arty III (1P) move southeast towards Jaen.  In Estramadura, 27th Inf III advances on Merida from Caceres, taking it via zoc.  2GC Sec III advances southeast out of Toledo, seizing the rail line leading to Madrid.  A number of units in the Salamanca-Valladolid region move south towards Estramadura and Castilla la Neuvo, while those in central Leon at Zamora do likewise.  The majority of units in Burgos move east to begin encircling the northern Gobernitos, but the 5th Cav III moves southwest preparatory to seizing the Burgos-Soria rail line.  Units in Vitoria move to seize important terrain in Euzkadi, while those in Pamplona move north to do likewise.  Units in Lograno are too busy putting down a minor peasant uprising and are stuck in place (I forgot to move them J)  That sort of thing doesn’t prevent the units in Zaragoza and nearby from beginning to move south in a campaign towards the Ebro.  Units in Calatayud move west to lock off Madrid’s eastern approaches, while the 20 GC Sec III in Teruel moves south to seize the mountain pass leading to Valencia.  Up in Asturias, the 10th GC Sec III seizes the wooded rough to the southeast of Oviedo, beginning the encirclement siege of Gijon (I don’t play the Asturian gambit, nor will I the Santander gambit; a bit too ahistoric and game changing for my tastes.)  31st Inf III moves from Leon towards Asturias as well.  Finally, the units in Galicia move south to get into the war.

Combat Phase

Only one combat is possible, a 10:1 blow out against the Loyalist militia forces in Jerez by O Arty III and 2LE Inf III (no A/S, no mods, no morale effects (3 rolled), DE (3 rolled.)  Both attacking units advance into the city.  The local people are so relieved by the arrival of god fearing Nationalists that half a regiment’s worth of troops immediately volunteer for service (0.5 Nat Inf RP drafted.)

Exploitation Phase

NT’s complete replenishment, and then all naval forces move to Larache, from which point they cannot be attacked by Loyalists air units (10 hexes distant from Malaga, with the longest range Loyalist a/c having a range of 9.)  The Bre19 air unit launches a single raid against the airfield at Madrid, where both the Loyalist Bre19 and N.52 are located.  A 3 is rolled for a miss, with the Insurgent a/c landing at Valladolid, within range of Loyalist counter air.