Initial Phase: All units are in supply, however all Spanish units are halved due to demoralisation. All German air units are assigned to Naval patrol. No Allied units are replaced this turn. The Allies have no ARPs left to bring back any aircraft this turn. All the active German Me109s plus 2 Me110C1s fly CAP over Gibraltar. Spanish guerrilla units are ordered to lay low and begin to prepare stockpiles for a resumed sabotage campaign in the spring of 1942.

Movement Phase: The Allied fleet that has been providing fire support for the ground forces is sitting in the Straits of Gibraltar. Luftwaffe units fly as many sorties as they can in an attempt to send it fleeing. First contact is made by 2 Me109Es escorting a Ju87 from Jerez. Two Hurricanes from Tetuan intercept, and 1 tries to bypass the screen. The bypassing unit is shot down, while the other two fighters return each other. AA fire from the fleet is on the mark however, and the dive bombers are aborted without causing any damage. Missions from Sevilla, Malaga and hex 3419 fail to find the Allied ships due to a mixture of fog and cloud in the area. Having survived the aerial assault this turn, the Allied fleet rotates the LC on ferry crossing duty, and also refuels, tying up at the Gibraltar docks.

The forces that successfully defended LA Linea de la Concepcion are ordered over the Straits to Spanish Morocco. They all move to Ceuta, except for the British 7th Artillery brigade which stops in Gibraltar. To make room for them, the Allied armour moves west to Alcazarquivir and the units that were in Ceuta enter 4128.

Combat Phase: No combat

Exploitation Phase: No activity

End of Turn Summary

The Germans call off their campaign at this point and the game ends. Spain has been conquered with minimal losses but there is no reasonable prospect of taking Gibraltar since there are no resource points to assemble to special artillery units and the weather is about to become mud.


  • Spanish Unisolated – 0
  • Spanish Isolated – 0
  • Spanish Air – 0
  • German Unisolated – 0
  • German Isolated – 0
  • German Air – 1A
  • British Unisolated – 0
  • British Isolated – 0
  • British Air – 1A