Initial Phase: The British 1st Tank brigade and attached Spanish artillery are cut off and become U-1. All German He111s and Ju88s are assigned to Naval patrol. The Special RPs generated during the Axis player turn are used to reconstitute 4 machinegun regiments. The 90th and 88th regiments appear in Huelva, while the 81st and 82nd regiments are activated in Cadiz. The Spanish are then fined 0.5 Infantry RP as they rebuilt an extra artillery unit last turn, exceeding the limit of 1 per month. There are no more Spanish RPs left in the pool.

Britain has suffered its first casualties of the scenario. The 1st Canadian Infantry division is brought back at Gibraltar, along with the 8th Artillery brigade. This uses 12 out of the 17 available Inf RPs, so 5 remain, along with 5 armour RPs. Spain has no ARPs remaining. Britain has 2 left, and they are used to resurrect aborted Hurricanes and Spitfires. They come on in Malaga. 3 more GSPs are generated at Sevilla. Guerrilla actions are launched against rail hexes in Valladolid, Leon and Tortosa. The first does not succeed but the subsequent attacks yield hits on the targeted rail lines.

Movement Phase: The Allied fleet stays tied up in Gibraltar. The danger of German invasion seems to have passed for now, but the Portuguese remain vigilant.

The Spanish 2nd Construction and 2nd Combat Engineer regiments carry their resource point to La Linea de La Concepcion, just outside Gibraltar. They are accompanied by the 138th and 239C Infantry regiments.

From Gibraltar, the 20th Guards Brigade is sent to the wooded rough hex of 3727. It is joined there by the Spanish 102nd Infantry division from 3726. Lastly, the reformed 8th British Artillery brigade is sent to 3726 to take over from the 102nd Infantry and provide supporting arms for the units stationed in the fort.

The Allied units in the east of the Gibraltar sector have had their line broken and are in danger of being surrounded. Therefore a retreat is called. The 23rd and 92nd Infantry divisions, plus accompanying engineers, move west to 3723, screening Malaga. The 31st Infantry division, 4Car border regiment and 16th Guardia Civil regiment pull back from their mountain pass positions to more mountains in 3921. In order to delay the German advance, the 93rd Infantry division is ordered to defend Granada, but in truth it could not have moved far this turn anyway due to German ZOCs.

The British 1st Tank brigade and its artillery are U-1 and isolated, so they can only move 1 hex this phase. They pull back to 3521. As a reinforcement, the 71st AA regiment is sent to assist from Malaga. The rest of the Allied armour in 3619 is in supply but hampered by ZOCs and terrain. Nonetheless they are able to get back to 3620.

Combat Phase: No combat

Exploitation Phase: The British 1st Tank brigade makes its escape to 3623, and it is joined there by the British 1st Armoured and the Spanish Light armoured regiments. The artillery and AA is left behind in 3521 as a roadblock (which is not able to be overrun next turn).

End of Turn Summary

The Allies are in retreat towards Gibraltar, with the German conquest almost complete. Technically this is the end of the scenario according the RAW, but since this is Hypothetical World War 2, I have decided to allow play to continue until the weather in the E zone turns to mud, making operations next to impossible. It is unlikely in a GE game that the Axis would stop attacking during good weather. Its worth noting that if the game ended now the Allied would have an overwhelming Decisive Victory according to VPs.


  • Spanish Unisolated – 0
  • Spanish Isolated – 0
  • Spanish Air – 0
  • German Unisolated – 0
  • German Isolated – 0
  • German Air – 0
  • British Unisolated – 0
  • British Isolated – 0
  • British Air – 0