Initial Phase: The Allied armour and infantry that was holding the Guadalquivir river has been outflanked and nearly surrounded. Units in 3518 and 3618 are U-1. All German He111s and Ju88s are assigned to Naval patrol.

More Spanish replacements are received. They now have 2 Inf RPs in the Canaries and 2 Colonial Inf RPs. 1 regular Inf RP is received at Sevilla plus 3.5 Special RPs, for a total of 5. The 38th and 39th Infantry regiments are reformed, along with the 42nd and 62nd Artillery regiments (All 5 Inf RPs are spent). The Artillery comes on in Cordoba while the Infantry appears in Malaga. Britain also receives replacements, although they have yet to use any. Their pool is 5 Arm and 15 Inf RPs. Spanish factories generate a Resource point in Sevilla. New ARPs are received in accordance with the new air cycle. Spain uses its 2 to bring back the eliminated Me109Es. Britain spends 3 to bring back aborted Spitfires, Blenheims and A-22s. Both fighters are reactivated at Sevilla, and the bombers return to duty at Gibraltar. 3 more GSPs are generated at Sevilla.

Spanish partisans still roam occupied Spain. This turn their targets are 23A:4211, 23A4212 and Tarragona. However, it seems that the Germans are infiltrating the resistance. Raids on homes of suspected guerrillas disrupt all the operations before they are conducted.

Movement Phase: The Allied fleet stays tied up in Gibraltar. The appearance of German forces at the border causes the Portuguese High Command to send reinforcements to the area. The 4th Infantry division advances to 2323.

The units in Galicia hex 1014 move around to 0914, again blocking the path of the Germans, although they are now without the defensive benefit of the mountains.

In the Guadalquivir pocket, the Spanish infantry in 3618 can only move one hex due to ZOCs, so it goes to the wooded rough in 3719. Meanwhile, the Allied armour is short of fuel and has only half its movement allowance, so it too is limited to single hex movement. There is only one way out, and that is to the recently vacated Martos in 3618. Both stacks have now made their way back to an unisolated state.

An attempt is made to reform the Allied line. The 31st Infantry division pulls back from the Mediterranean coast and goes to the mountains in 3917. This allows the 93rd Infantry division to take up a position on 3818, blocking the path of the German 34th Corps. The line is extended to 3520 by a collection of non divisional units, headed by the Mar Colonial Cavalry brigade, 13th Cavalry regiment, and the rest of the area reserves from 3622. Filling the final gap in 3420 is the 1st British Tank brigade and 7th Artillery brigade from Cordoba and the Spanish 61st Artillery from Sevilla. The Cordoba garrison is replenished by the Tdl Colonial Infantry brigade, which administratively moves up from Cadiz.

The 2nd Construction regiment carries a Resource point out of Sevilla and takes it to 3725 with admin movement. It is joined in the hex by the 2nd Combat Engineer regiment from Cadiz. From Malaga, the 239C and 138th Infantry regiment leave and head to 3725 to join the engineers. Their place in Malaga is taken over by the 74th Heavy AA regiment, which stops to wreck the rail line in 3623 on the way.

Combat Phase: No combat

Exploitation Phase: The Allied armour works its way back to 3619, completing the Allied line. Unfortuntely the 8th British Artillery brigade is non-motorised and cannot move. It is ordered to spike its guns and is left to the mercy of the Germans in 3618.

End of Turn Summary

The Allies made a mistake in forming their first line by not plugging the gap between Cordoba and the left flank of the river line. This allowed the German armour to waltz through and get behind the defenders. Only by a stroke of luck was the Allied armour saved, with the DR at Martos allowing the Spanish infantry to keep a retreat route open. A solid line has now been hastily formed, but it is wafer thin and will not last long. Behind this line is very little.


  • Spanish Unisolated – 0
  • Spanish Isolated – 0
  • Spanish Air – 0
  • German Unisolated – 0
  • German Isolated – 0
  • German Air – 0
  • British Unisolated – 0
  • British Isolated – 0
  • British Air – 0