Initial Phase: The cadre of the 21st Infantry division, which is still in the Cordillera Central, is running low on food and ammunition. It is now at U-2 status. Only the German Ju88A4 aircraft go on Naval Patrol duty this turn. Attacks on rail lines are made by Spanish partisans in 23A:4110, 4210 and 33:3531. The line in 4210 is hit but the other two operations fail. The 6MK Infantry regiment is formed from volunteers in the Tangier International Zone, and appears at Tangiers. Due to administrative confusion, the Spanish forgot to call up infantry replacements last turn. However, due to the loss of key cities they only receive 0.5 Colonial Inf RP (1.5 total), 0.5 Inf RP in the Canaries (1.5 total) and 1 in mainland Spain (5.5 total). 5 Inf RPs are used to bring back the 23rd Infantry division in Cordoba. 3 more GSPs are generated at Sevilla.

Movement Phase: Allied Naval forces lick their wounds in Gibraltar. However, since only 2 German air units are on Naval Patrol, and they are in Madrid, the fleet decides to make a run to pick up some troops from the Balearic Islands. The German pilots find nothing except the calm waters of the Mediterranean on their patrols. The 61st Infantry regiment is collected from Ibiza, the 37th boards at Palma in Mallorca, and the 38th is taken from Mahon on Menorca. All units disembark in Gibraltar and move to 3825. The fleet returns to the Gibraltar docks.

Due to the arrival of the Spanish 23rd Infantry division in Cordoba, the british 25th Infantry brigade repositions to Sevilla. Spanish reserves in 3522 advance to the river line at 3418, to protect the flank of the Allied armour.

Cavalry is sent to rip up rail track behind the front line in order to deny it to the Germans should they break through. The 13th Cavalry regiment damages Antequera and 3723 before moving to 3721. Likewise, the Mar Colonial Cavalry brigade damages the line in 3622, 3522 and Lucena. Behind them, the 74th Heavy AA regiment comes out of its fortifications and places hits in 3726, 3725 and Ronda in 3624. Lastly, all the units in the front lines pull up the rail lines in their hexes (3918, 3617, 3518, 3418 and Cordoba).

The 21st cadre slowly ekes its way through the mountains to 2316, where it is only a few miles short of reaching supplies. In Galicia, the 35th Light Infantry regiment is dispatched to the mountain pass at 1013, in an attempt to hold of German mountaineers heading to the area. Cordoba was reinforced by the arrival of the recreated 23rd Infantry division. However it is instead ordered to shore up the front line at Jaen.

Combat Phase: No combat

Exploitation Phase: No activity

End of Turn Summary

The Allies considered launching a counterattack this turn but the rewards were deemed too low to be worth the risk. The Germans are approaching the Gibraltar perimeter from several directions so any advancing forces would have easily been cut off and destroyed. Next turn, hammer blows will be made across the Guadalquivir river.


  • Spanish Unisolated – 0
  • Spanish Isolated – 0
  • Spanish Air – 0
  • German Unisolated – 0
  • German Isolated – 0
  • German Air – 0
  • British Unisolated – 0
  • British Isolated – 0
  • British Air – 0