Initial Phase: The units in 2412 are out of supply and become U-1. Germany now has 10 REs available to it on the Iberian gauge rail net and thus can now use it to trace supply lines. Due to the fall of Madrid, there are currently no Spanish full supply sources, so Spanish units must use Allied full supply sources (major ports).

All the German long range bombers go on Naval Patrol duty. Spanish partisans target rail lines in hexes 33:3530, 33:3008 and 23A:2701. This time the Germans are able to detect the partisan cells and make arrests before most of the attacks can be carried out, only 3530 is hit.

1 Spanish ARP (1 left) is spent to repair an aborted Me109E. It appears at Sevilla. Also in Sevilla, the 2nd Spanish Construction regiment begins building a fort.

Movement Phase: Force H and its Spanish counterparts spend the turn on station in 3903, replenishing their ammunition. Due to extensive air cover, the German torpedo bombers do not try to make contact. Portuguese units do not move, but nervously eye the border. The british 1st Tank brigade is sent from Cordoba to pull up some rail track near Sevilla. It puts a break in 3122 before ending movement in 3021.

The 1st and 4th Construction regiments in Tangier use quick construction to build a temporary airbase in the hex. Close to Madrid, the 13th and 23rd Infantry cadres are technically not isolated but they cannot escape the hordes of enemy units in the area, Instead they decide to break the rail line in 2811 before retreating into Toledo for their last stand.

In the foothills of the Cordillera Central, the 41Exp and 21st Infantry division continue to elude the German invaders. Although at U-1, they head back into the path of the Germans at 2514 to regain contact with their supply line. From 3519, the 1st, 2nd and 5th Light armoured regiments are tasked with rendering the rail line to Madrid unusable. By leapfrogging each other, they are able to put the line in hexes 3517 to 3413 out of action. The 5th moves on to 3313.

Combat Phase: No combat

Exploitation Phase: The Allied fleet again prepares its guns for shore bombardment in defense of Valencia. The 1st and 2nd Spanish Light tank regiments return to 3518, as does the 5th, but not before it puts an additional rail line break in 3313. The British 1st Tank brigade also puts more hits into the rail system by damaging 3021 before returning to Cordoba.

End of Turn Summary

Madrid has been taken but Valencia still holds out, and it will take at least another couple of turns for the Germans to get it, thanks to Force H & Co. However, rapid advances are now possible for the Axis since they have passed the 10RE threshold of Iberian rail capacity and can use Iberian gauge rail lines for supply. The Spanish also took heavy air losses this turn which cannot be sustained, even though they took a few Germans with them. There is not a lot the Allies can do now except wait for the Germans to come to them, and continue their successful tactic of trading units for time.


  • Spanish Unisolated – 0
  • Spanish Isolated – 0
  • Spanish Air – 0
  • German Unisolated – 0
  • German Isolated – 0
  • German Air – 0
  • British Unisolated – 0
  • British Isolated – 0
  • British Air – 0