Initial Phase: The Weather is clear in Zones D and E, Sea is calm in Atlantic and Mediterranean. All units are in supply.

Movement Phase: Germany declares war on Spain and invades. The 62 Corps advances to the Spanish/Andorran border at 3124, along with 63 Corps, which uses administrative movement to reach 3024. A Me110C1 transfers from 1626 to Perpignan, and a Me109F1 transfers from near Bordeaux to 2029.

25 Corps crosses the border into Spain and moves forward to the outskirts of Barcelona at 3623. It is joined alongside by 65 Corps which uses rail to get to the Spanish border, then uses normal movement into Gerona . This triggers activation of the Spanish garrison in Cataluna, Two security regiments and a border regiment appear in Barcelona (3624).

66 Corps administratively moves along the roadsystem to 3221, in order to prepare for an assault through the Pyrenees next turn. In the Pyrenees, the 15th Corps, which is mainly composed of mountain troops, heads around end of the high ridge into 2430. A Spanish security regiment activates at Zaragoza.

64 Corps moves into the mountains at 2231, sandwiching the Spanish 22nd Infantry division. Further north, 34 Corps advances into 2031. The Navarra garrison consisting of the 9 Car Border regiment appears in Pamplona. The 11th Infantry Corps advances to the border at 1931, temporarily joining 33 Corps. In order to alleviate stacking, the 1st RR Engineer moves back to 1930. Finally, the 674th Combat Engineer regiment moves from 2028 down to foot of the valley at 2626.

Combat Phase: DS – The Spanish airforce decides to conserve its sparse resources. No missions.

GS – Ju88s from La Rochelle and St Nazaire fly to San Sebastian, accompanied by a Me110C1. Two Me109Es perform escort. 1 Ju87 flies to 2034, escorted by 2 Me109Es. 1 frontline Ju87 and a He111H4 from Nantes fly unescorted against 2132. 3 Ju87s from 1930 and a Me110C4 from Bordeaux fly unescorted against the defenders in the mountains of 2331. 3 unescorted He111H4s go in against 3524. This mission is intercepted by the CR32bis and I15/t25 stationed in Barcelona. The I-15s abort one of the Heinkels, while the CR32bis returns another. The other Heinkel reaches the target but is insufficient to modify the attack.

Attacks: 2032: The 34th Corps, backed up by a group of Ju87s, launches its assault against the Spanish 61st Infantry division. 30 vs 5 gives 6:1 +2. 3 is modified to 5 for a DE. The surviving cadre retreats to 2033, and the 34th Corps advances.

San Sebastian: The 33rd Corps, the 11th Infantry division and 4 railroad siege batteries attack the Spanish 12th Infantry division which is supported by two small regiments. 7 points of GS make the attack 48:7, 6:1 -1. 5 is rolled, modified to 4 for a DE. The 12th XX has a cadre but it is eliminated on retreat due to the ZOC of the 34th Corps. All the units from 1931 advance into the city. . The entry of German troops triggers the release of the Euzkadi garrison. This consists of the 13GC Security regiment which appears in Bilbao.

2132: 53 Corps is backed up by 6 points worth of GS for an offensive total of 36. Defensively the 62 Infantry division and 4th Light armoured regiment total 6, for a 6:1 -2 battle. 3 modifies to 1 for a DR. The light armour is lost, while the Infantry division cadres and retreats to Pamplona. 53 Corps advances.

2331: The 64th Infantry and 15th Mountain Corps have the Spanish 22nd Infantry division surrounded and attack it from 2231 and 2430. With 3 Stukas plus a Me110 aloft adding 7.5 points to the attack (halved for mountains), there is an offensive total of 40.5 against 5, 8:1 -2. 3 modifies to 1 for a DH, and the 22nd division cadre cannot retreat due to ZOCs.

3524: Armored units of the 25th Corps plus the 65th Corps assault the mountainous terrain defended by the Spanish 42nd Infantry division. Due to the loss of aircraft to Spanish fighters, the GS that arrives brings the attacker to 29.5, just short of a 6:1. 5:1 -2. 3 modified to 1 for a HX. The Spanish cadre retreats to 3525, while the Germans lose a Combat Engineer regiment and an Antitank battalion. The 65th Corps advances.

Exploitation Phase The 34th Corps overruns the Spanish 61st Infantry cadre in 2033 at 12:1 , and then proceeds to overrun the Spanish 62nd cadre and border regiment in Pamplona at 10:1. After that it thunders down the rail line to end movement in 2051. This activates the Spanish garrison in Castilla de Vieja, 2 security regiments that appear in Valladolid.

33 Corps heads along the rail line from San Sebastian,, through Vitoria and ends movement in 23A:1702. Further South, 25 Corps wheels around the outskirts of Barcelona to overrun the Spanish 42nd cadre in Sabadell (3525). A Me109F transfers from 1725 to Bayonne.


  • Spanish Unisolated – 3+7+4+3+2+3+2 = 24 (4.5 Special RPs received)
  • Spanish Isolated – 5
  • Spanish Air – none
  • German Unisolated – 3 (0.5 Special RPs received)
  • German Isolated – 0
  • German Air – 1A