Initial Phase: Spain declares another turn of General mobilisation (turn 2) in response to the German occupation of Vichy France. Many of these units appear on Spanish islands, but a few small formations appear at mainland cities. Britain also mobilises reinforcements for Gibraltar.

Movement Phase: In Britain, The 1st Canadian Infantry Division, the 20th Guards Infantry Brigade and the 3rd Combat Engineer regiment embark naval transports in Plymouth, and are transported to Gibraltar, along with a resource point.

The newly mobilised 18th Cavalry regiment uses rail transport to get to Santander, where it is joined by the 17th Cavalry III from Valladolid. The 5 Cab Motorised Infantry and 3rd Cavalry regiments rail up to the front line and join the 12th Infantry XX in San Sebastian.

In Spanish Morocco, Colonial forces head towards the Gibraltar straits. The 101st and 102nd Infantry XXs plus the 1LE Infantry regiment head north from Mellila as far as 4129 using administrative movement. The 91st and 93rd Infantry XXs advance to Ceuta from Tetuan and Xauen, where they are joined by the 92nd Infantry XX from Larache.

Combat Phase: No activity.

Exploitation Phase: The naval transports return to Plymouth from Gibraltar.