Very poor and rainy weather continued everywhere through all of January and greatly hampered operations. The Insurgents followed up on Loyalist tactical retreats but did not mount any attacks. Engineers worked around the clock on repairs of the rail and road net in what had been the Loyalist Madrid corridor. Elite Moroccan troops and heavy artillery were pulled out of the front lines and shifted to jump- off positions for an attack on Madrid, which appears to be the next target. Small units supported by air drop of supplies continued their harassment in the mountains around Teruel. The sea lift from Morocco is essentially completed. Transports and the remnants of the fleet were withdrawn to El Ferrol while Italian submarines kept up their presence off the coast of Murcia. Heinkel fighters of the Legion Kondor strafed Albacete airfield but did little damage.


Despite negotiations the French border remained tightly closed. In Madrid, relocation of the government was argued but was postponed in fear of effect on morale at a time when the Nationalists can expect substantial reinforcements. Meanwhile, engineers essentially completed the destruction of the capital’s airfields. Southwest of Teruel a concerted, air-supported sweep by the People’s Army finally overcame the 19th Infantry Regiment that had been operating behind the Loyalist lines. Southeast of Teruel, troops were shifted to contain a bothersome Nationalist salient and mountain troops that had penetrated toward the coast. In southern Castilla, the People’s Army straightened their front by retreating a few miles. The troops now hold very strongly manned positions forward of the line Albacete-Cuenca. Loyalist pilots unsuccessfully attacked Logrono airfield, base of supply flights to the mountain troops behind enemy lines around Teruel. All other sectors remained quiet.


A lull while the Nationalists prepare to assault Madrid in earnest. A flap over rule interpretation: The effect of Loyalist government relocation lasts “one game turn,” normally understood as two player turns, one for each side. However, Rule 4 says that a game turn consists of an Insurgent player turn “followed by” a Loyalist player turn, allowing the interpretation that only the Loyalist turn is affected. (The guru ruled that the effect extends over both player turns, and that made the Loyalists postponed relocation.)