Miguel now looks back fondly to his cramped barracks with the burley fellow from Leon. His unit has been hunting the remnants of the Asturiansin the mountains now for two weeks, up and down mountain trails, helping to lug the heavy guns. There are few of the enemy left as a coherent force but they must be hunted down to a man if the rear is to be secured.  Meanwhile unknown to Miguel as he struggles in the mountains a number of divisions have been transferred south in response to desperate pleas for reinforcements from Zaragoza. Here the slow but steady advance by the Republican forces are threatening to cut across the head of the Jiloca Valley and trap a number of regiments at Teruel. This Nationalist held valley points like a sword towards Valencia and its retention is considered key as a jumping off point to cut the enemy into two.

FWtBT No 4 - DEC II 36: Tactical view: Teruel defenders supply line cut.

Teruels supply line cut.

The continuing advance on Madrid from the south west becomes a rallying call from socialist organisations all across Europe and while there is little support from the democracies the Communist Party in Soviet Russia is far more willing to help and indeed has had agents in place since the 1920’s . The outbreak of war is seen as an opportunity and financial support “for humanitarian purposes” is plentiful as well as T26 tanks and lately the Chato and Mosca fighters now in the skies over Gijon and driving off the fascist air power in the region.

Game Report

Insurgent Turn

Weather: North: Snow, South: Mud, Atlantic: Storms, Med: Rough

Supply;. A portion of the Republican line in the Sierra de Segura, West of Albacete goes U3 while Seville feeds off GSPs. Expends AS for 12 GSPs

Replacements: ½ SRP recovered,. 3 X 1-6 Inf 5,15 and 26 replaced. BBTF-1 and CATF repaired.

Moves: NTs move 1Res Pt from Cadiz to Malaga. 3-6* inf XX 3Sor and 3-6* inf XX 2Casrailed from Gijon front to Zaragoza front.  Ju52g4e and HE 51 transfer to Zaragoza

Attack 1: 3313 clear (Rail junction Just West of Tomelloso). Unsupplied. 2-3-5* inf XX Ov and 2-3-5* inf XX 3 Mad  and 1-6 inf 28 , Supplied 4-6 inf XX Mov, 3-2-6 inf 1LE, 1-6 art 4L, 1-8 lttk Bab (CTV) , 1-10 lttkDro (KL). Attack 2-6* inf12Gar (Int) @ 6:1 (-2) = EX. Loose; 1LE. Advance;Mov.

Attack2: 2803 mtn (SW of Calatayud) Supplied 3-6* inf XX 2Cas And 1-5 mech 1, 1-6 art 10L, 1-8 Cav 9 and Unsupplied 1-8lt 1,and 1-8 lt 2 attack 1-6 inf 8 @ 6:1 (-3)  = DH. Advance 1 LT

Attack3: 1010 mtn (Operation “Eagle”, mountains of NW Asturia). Unsupplied 3-2-6 inf 2LE, 2-6 art 2P, 2-5 inf 5 (Req), 2-1-8 art E attack 1-4 inf 5 (Ast) U3. @ 9:1 (-3) = DE. Advance All

Republican Turn

French Border: Open.   Fort at 1106 (adjacent Gijon) completed

Supply Seville draws on GSPs.

Reinforcements & Replacements: 1-6 sec 14GC upgraded to 1-2-6 sec 2GA.

½  SRPs (Int) recovered.

1-6 infs 2 & 9 and 1-6 art 5L replaced and form 3-6* inf XX 8 at Madrid. 1-6 inf 19 and 1-5 inf PI (An) rebuilt.

1-2-4 inf 10 (Bas), 1-4 inf 4 (Bas) and 1-6 art 14 form 3-4-4* inf 3 (Bas)

Moves: 1-4 inf 4 (Ast) exfiltrates to 1211 onto rail line (but U4 so not enough MPs to cut line and no ZOC)

Attack 1: 3035 rough (Southwest of Zaragosa) Unsupplied 2-6* inf 5Car,  2-6* inf 6Ch,  1-6 mg 4 and 1-8 mtn art 1, 1-2-6 sec 10GA,and 1-6 inf 13, 1-6 sec 5GC, 2-6 art 2P attack 1=6 inf 18 @ 9:1 (-2) = DH.Advance5Car, 4 mg.

Attack 2: 2934 clear. Supplied 1-8 mtn 1, 1-8 cav 4, 1-6 art 7L (over river) and 3-4-4* inf XX 27ch attack 1-6 inf 5 @ 9:1 (-1) = DE.  Advance 27ch.