Aug I 1936

While still to many units are busy pacifying the cities General Franco orders the first two divisions that are combat ready to the offensive and mounts an attack on Cordoba, which bloddlily failes [at 3:1 (-1)]. In the very north another attempt to quickly overwhelm the Commies fails as well [at 2:0 (0)] as an attack against Gijon is beaten back with considerable losses of men and territory. After this debacle, we decide to first consolodate our position before undertaking any further attempts. However, we have managed to isolate and surround Cordoba and Valladolid, while the first regiments of our elite Legion Entrangere head for Malaga.

The Loyalists concentrate on a solid buildup and start forming militia brigades all over Catalania, while the newly proclamated Anarchist republic of Anadalusia issues enrolment orders all over the countryside.

Aug II 1936

As the first cities are pacified more units rush to the front that starts to take shape. Our troops have to evacuate Toledo in order to maintain contact with our main concentrations as the first Loyalist infantry columns are pushing down the Tejo valley. Along the central Cordillieras contact is made with loyalist troops and both sides start to dig in.

Meanwhile, the first attempt of Loyalist columns to march down along the Tejo river valley failes as well as their attempt to break our lines encirceling Cordoba. The uncoordinated attacks still show the lack of guidance from the officer corps which has joined our cause.