Overall, the Soviets lost about 75 points (11 isolated) and the Germans lost 17. Also, the Finns shot down a soviet fighter. Here’s the action by army group.

AGN: The Finns attacked out of Vipuri and rolled a HX taking a German division as the exchage. The Germans captured Novgorod and pushed across the river line in two more hexes, one was a gimme and the other the Germans rolled a full exchage. An air raid on Kronstadt produced one hit on a battleship and one or two aborted bombers.

AGC: In a massive armored thrust, AGC pierced the Soviet line near Podolsk and swung south to semi encircle a number of Soviet divisions. Also, the advance into the Valdai hills commenced with a DR. Supplies were flown in by Ju-52 to the most advanced armored division.

AGS: The long air offensive against the Black Seas fleet finally paid some dividends as the light crusier K.Krim was sunk and two bombers were aborted. Odessa, finally fell as supplies were no longer brought in and the uncontested German advance continued with Kharkov being surrounded and the siege of Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhe continuing.