Axis player Turn

Bad weather slows the Italian drive to beef up the defenders in Arta with cavalry and Artillery caught short of the town. Elsewhere the foothills on the west of the Pindus Mountains are occupied by the invaders, providing a buffer to the defence. In the mountains around Ioaninna, Alpini and infantry try to drive out a small battlegroup of cavalry, mountaineers and artillery with 200 planes flying ground support overhead. Despite relatively good conditions for the attack, the determined Greeks dig in and hold the line (4:1 -3 = AS).

Allied Player Turn

The gutsy Greeks refuse to allow the Italian incursion to pollute the scared Hellenic soil for a day longer than necessary. Arta is attacked again but the Italians hold (2:1 -1 = AS). Southwest of Kastoria another attack fails (3:1 -3 = AS). Some good news is received when south-east of Egoumenitsa the 19th and 47th Divisions are destroyed in a HX result to attacking Greeks forces (3:1 -2).