Axis player Turn

Italian reinforcements arrive from the mainland at Valona and Durazzo. In the eastern frontline, Koritsa is occupied without a shot being fired to the chagrin of the Greeks. The effort towards Egoumenitsa continues with the shattered defenders being chased further from the front line (5:1 -1 = DR). The town is seized and in the exploitation phase Bersaglieri Motorcycle units and the Centauro cadre race down to seize Arta just before the Greek 4th Mountain Division advancing from Patrai can enter the town. Viva Il Duce!

Allied Player Turn

In desperation the Greek 4th and 5th Divisions attempt to drive the unsupported motorcycle and tankette troops out of Arta but are rebuffed (2:1 -1 = AS). A 1.5:1 -1 odds attack is launched against the neck of the Italian breakthrough at Egoumenitsa but the combined might of artillery, infantry and cavalry beat off the attackers (AR). The attempt to regain Kastoria fails badly (2:1 -2 = AR). The government in Athens is sent a reassurance from Britain that help is available if required