Weather roll 5, Tokyo mandate failed.

Japanese Player Turn

One fewer pip than normal on the weather roll, but the seas are still rough. Five additional NTs are rented for the turn, allowing two divisions, engineer units, and whatever artillery I could find to land in Woosung. Every unit ashore attacks a lone 4-6 in the westernmost Shanghai hex (0505), getting a HX, killing the ZOCed unit, with the 1-6 NCG engineer regiment and a 1-6 artillery battalion dying in return. This victory opens the port of Shanghai, and another division, the SEF HQ, and assorted supporting units land in the port.

Chinese Player Turn

In the Chinese turn, Yunnan goes uncooperative, the buy-off failing; one KMT unit in Kunming is disbanded. As there are no Yunnan forces outside of Yunnan, nothing else is lost.

In Shangai, the Chinese form a V shaped line, from hexes 0706 to 0306. From south to north, it has 1×4-6, 2×3-5; 2×3-5, 1×1-5 Art; 2×3-5, 1×1-5 Art; 3×4-6; 3×4-6. There are no combat units immediately behind this line.

Chahar has fallen, and a regional Japanese puppet government set up. Chema River has now been crossed in force, with the formidable Japanese Sendai Division making their crossing at Kaopietien (G1:1324). Only minor pressure down the Tsinpu line to Tsangchow (G1:1820). A Japanese mountain regiment sits astride the Shantung-Hopei border. Shantung Province, by way of a large buy-off, avoids further degradation of their crumbling political situation. Plans. Shansi forces will continue to tear up infrastructure, while withdrawing back to Yangku, protected by mountains on both flanks. We will destroy the Ting and Hoto bridges of the Pinghan line. Choreograph a steady withdrawal through the Hwang Ho basin road system, using successive river lines (Wei, Laiochang and Tzuya). Deployments. Fortification under construction at Chengchow. Two Hopei brigades are raised at Hokien (G1:1723). One Shansi brigade is activated at Ningwu (G2:1403). The forward defense of Hokien and Paoting is strengthening, but will likely become untenable as the weather clears. CCP units are approaching their target bases (CCC at G1:1330; CCLE at G1:1631; Shnt at G1:2832).