Axis Player Turn

Troops in Yugoslavia race to join the fight in Greece, their advance blocked by Yugoslavians insisting they be allowed to surrender. The Italians attempt to take Kastoria but fail (AS) while the Construction Brigade is overrun by the LSSAH Division. This allows the DR and 2nd Pz Divisions to drive along the coast and bypass the 1st British Armoured position and attack the 7th Australian Division (another lack of ZOCs – repeat after me “You are not in the desert now” – now write it 500 times on the blackboard). Luckily the Australians hold (1.5:1 +1 = AS). Further north the New Zealanders are surrounded and destroyed by mountain divisions and the 2nd Pz (3:1 +1 = DH). There is a great wailing and gnashing of teeth. The Greeks in the Metaxas Line are finished off by German infantry and Bulgarians and to finish the turn off the German player elects to attack the 1st British Armoured and 21st Greek Mountain units, luckily the AECD is in the Allied favour and they retreat westwards to Karpenesion (4:1 -1 = DR). Airfields are constructed around Edessa and the 7th Paras fly in. In the exploitation phase, motorised forces advance around the flank of the Australians across the Spherkios River.

Allied Player Turn

The 19th Greek Motorised Division replaces the Australians at the Spherkios line which allows the Australians to head to Athens (Britain informs the Greek Government that this movement is all part of a cunning plan, and not a reckless retreat). Troops in the west move towards Patrai in a hope of reinforcing Athens.