Weather roll 6, Tokyo mandate failed. (Does one began to sense a certain repetitiveness in these first lines?)

Japanese Player Turn

In the initial phase, I converted one attack supply into GSP in Shanghai. I was intensely frustrated at not being able to conduct amphibious invasions this turn, as there were several juicy targets. However, the Chinese set up allowed me to attack 0405 at 9-1, with the NGS from IJN-C doubled. I did not roll a one, and a DE resulted. This allowed the capture of the port of Woosung (0404) during exploitation by the 2-6 SNLF regiment.

Chinese Player Turn

Few changes are made in the Chinese ground position around Shanghai. A major air attack is made on ships in Shanghai, resulting in no hits, but the IJN fighters perform superbly, eliminating a CAF fighter and bomber. Those will not be returning for some time


The Japanese 20th Light Infantry has crossed the Chema at G1:1524. Their apparent main drive is at the border of Shantung Province. A semi-cooperative defense of National Forces, Manchurian, Hopei and other factions flanks an abandoned Tsinpu line. A fresh Japanese action has been launched toward Kweihwating, but lead elements are want of supply. The IJAF is now basing missions out of Tientsin. Plans. With CCP units now jockeying for territory with various northern factions, the fighting withdrawal strategy is extended to the Tungpu line (continuation of Pinghan line). Ordered National Forces War Zone HQ east to support flank attacks on the Japanese drive on Shantung. More fort construction is planned south of the Hwang Ho, in G1:3628 to G2:3501 sectors. Due to the Japanese offensive in Chahar… Deployments. A large number of northern factional units are on demolition duty on the Pinghan line. Just 75km south of Shihkiachuang now, the 23rd and 42nd National Forces Infantry Divisions have been pressing up the Pinghan line. The National Forces “H2” Infantry Division is ordered to Hokien, which has become the linchpin of our eastern withdrawal from Hopei Province. The road between Yuhsien (G1:1027) and Hsinkow (G2:1202) is cleared for a CCP passage, who are on their way to the Wutai Shan.