Dec II 37

Japanese Player Turn

Ongoing street fighting by the SEF and 3rd War Front continues for no advantage to either side. The IJA is surprised when the VVF makes its appearance over the city for its first significant air battle (things have been quiet above Shanghai while the northern offensive occupied much of the air resources). Several IJA air units are returned to base, and in response T-95 tanks of the Kwantung Army aggressively patrol disputed territory on the Soviet-Manchurian border to show their displeasure. Soviet tank commanders snort in derision at the tiny tankettes antics as they watch from the Vladivostok side of the border. In Shantung, the arrival by sea of the KS Cavalry XX helps to seize Jinchao, Tsining and Mengyin. A tidy pile of yellow cardboard gathers next to the map. In Hopei a bitter attack takes Shihkiachuang, forcing open the defence line. In Shansi there is no significant movement

Chinese Player Turn

In Shantung, a KMT Guerilla base is set up in the mountains while a newly arrived 7-6 CCP XX breaks down into sub units and a Guerilla base formed in the mountains NW of Lini. Other units flee to behind rivers to try and stem the Jap tide. In Hopei, after ensuring that Ladies Pass is well defended (3 x Shansi XX’s, 3 x MNF X’s and a CA Art III) in a fort for a -3 Die modifier with numerous units in the mountains either side and behind, other units flee towards the Hantan defence line. In Shansi, CCP XX’s arrive in the Wutai Shan and Taiheng Shan. The highly competent and ruthless regulars of the people’s movement look down at the struggling masses in the lowlands below and begin to plan their strategy.