Dec I 37

(Clear zone 12)

Political Events

No change in the stability of the country, and intense negotiations in Kwangtung Province to lure local support to the Central Administration fails (resources expended to try and modify die roll)

Japanese Player Turn

Shanghai – The SEF pushes CA units out of Lohtien, advancing along the coast. At Yungkia, the 18th Res [XX] lands in the port city to relieve the SNLF units who scoot back to Japan to practice amphibious landings. In Shantung, Frost weather allows the miscellaneous units in the peninsular to destroy via overrun or high odds attacks the handful of scattered Shantung, Central Army and Manchurian forces. The two 4-6 CA XX’s in the area hold onto Chucheng and Jinchao, but are the only units left before the border of Kiangsu and the japanese forces.

Along the Hwang Ho line, the 2nd Army crushes the Hunan and Szechuan divisions, Tsinan falls to a wave of bloodshed and the Japanese advance into the hills to the south. In Hopei the 1st Army continues to push the Chinese from their defence lines in a series of bloody exchanges and a couple of bridgeheads are thrown across the Fuyang River, threatening the Chinese control of Shihkiachuang. In Shansi the 10th Army advances slowly towards the forts protecting Yangku, the withdrawal of the Senda XX and expected loss of the 1 DK Lt X means only a few powerful units are assigned to this area so operations are expected to be limited here for the immediate future.

Chinese Player Turn

In Chekiang, forts are constructed by CA Eng and Const units to the west of Shanghai, anticpating the eventual fall of that city. In Shantung the local warlord calls for a significant effort in defence of the region, and CA units are rushed to the area, but too many gaps remain in the lines. The valuable CA 4-6 XX’s are withdrawn from battle for another day. At this stage only Tsining and Lini remain under the administration of the Warlord. In Hopei, more forts are built at Hantan to prepare a fall back line while more CA and MNF unspt XX’s are sent to help defend Shihkiachuang. In Shansi, the local Warlord continues to build up his forces, and crows loudly about his invulnerable positions. Reinforcements from the CA’s depots arrive in the form of more valuable Art III’s, truly a bastion for China is being built in this northern stronghold.