Aug II 37

(Mud Zone 12, clear elsewhere)

Japanese Player Turn

Formation of the 1st and 2nd XXXX’s occurs, and attacks are agin put in across the river defences, but attacks by the Senda, 10th Lt, NCG Lt [XX] result in stalled attacks. Again the 20th Lt XX disgraces itself in battle against the rag-tag Hopei infantry and flees from battle. The 5th Mnt XX attacks Manchurian/MNF forces across the Yang River and, despite losses (HX) advance across the river. North of Peking, the 6th XX destroys a MNF force in wooded rough terrain and frees up the advance route to link with Jehol and Manchukuo forces who advance to surround Kalgan with interlocking ZOCs. Air attacks on the rail system result in a break on the Tsinpu RR north of Tehsien. Generally a disappointing period for the Japanese High command who expected greater results and less resistance from the Chinese. Two amphibious landings planned for the next month.

Chinese Player Turn

Within Shansi, units begin to fall back from Kalgan, bidding farewell to the surrounded garrison and burning joss sticks in their memory. Along the Yang River, Manchurian forces fall back to the Machang River to join the supported CA XX’s. Hopei units also fall back from the Yang River south of Peking with CA XX’s but a gap of two swamp hexes is opened between the CA XX’s. Around Shanghai the CA waits patiently for the command from Chiang Kai Shek, which is ‘attack, attack, attack!’. massive dogfights erupt in the skies above the city as IJN and CAF pilots test their skills. Both available IJN units are returned to base, but the CAF lose their Mixed Fighter unit. Calculation of odds reveals odds of 3:2, totally inadequate planning by the General Staff, who blame their faults on the easy accessibilty of opium around the International Cantonment. Cursing his lick, Chiang rolls a 6 which modifys to an EX…. very lucky. Celebrations are heard throughout the city on news of its liberation from the threat of Japanese troops. All IJN air, ground and naval forces are lost. A black day for the pride of the navy. As part of the exploitation, Wosung is occupied by a 4-6 XX.