The French and British move their troops around in a reorganization that may enable them to launch an offensive. The Italians also reorganize, pulling the 1st Army from the north western side of Trent and help defend the front against the German Alp Corps. Cadres in the 6th and 7th Corps pull back from the front to rebuild. The Italians do manage to form a line of defense along the border against the German’s threat, but there are no troops available for attacking anywhere.

The Bavarian 6th Army reacts and attacks the French 8th Corps again. The French reinforce the hex with a single division and suffer a BX result. The French 8th Corps is left with three divisional cadres left to hold the hex. Losses are 22 Bavarian Manpower Points versus 17 French Manpower and 7 Equipment Points.

Tom: I am crazy, I am actually planning to launch an offensive with both the French near Reims and the British near Le Fere. After production next turn, I hope to be able to afford some bombardments and actual attacks on these two locations. It will probably result in BX results, but it will sting Carl and maybe catch him by surprise. We shall see.

The Italians look like they will be able to hold onto their gains. At least, they look like that now. We shall have to see what Carl really has planned down there. The DRM in favor of the Germans could help him throw the Italians down to NW of 2 and give some support to the Austrians in the area. Of course, the Austrians are probably going to go down to a NW of 2 soon due to out of theater losses. This should at least keep the majority of the combat equal.

The Central Powers ship reserve divisions from the Lille area to aid the 6th Bavarian Army’s offensive. German units of the Alps Corps move into the northern portions of Italy and prepare to attack the Italian defenders.

The Alps Corps attacks the Italian 3rd Corps destroying the Corps. The 6th Bavarian Army continues its offensive against the French 8th Corps (back up to one full division and two cadres due to replacements). The French decline to reinforce or expend combat supply. (Why throw away more brigade/cadre level troops and lose the additional morale points?) The 9:1 +2 DRM attack succeeds with the destruction of the defending forces and the hex is captured by the Bavarians without loss. This exposes the fortress at Toul to three hexes of attacking Central Powers Corps.

Combat losses are 7 German Manpower Points versus 6 Italian, 5 French Metro, and 13 Equipment Point losses.

The French 6th Army reacts and sends three of the reserve divisions to aid the French 2nd Army against the Bavarian attack.

Carl: I suspect that Tom is up to something with the French and British. Too much French heavy artillery concentrating near Reims and the reserve buildup there is a large percentage of his reserves. The Bavarian attack was more successful than I had hoped – I have actually captured a hex! The French were caught off guard and too many reserves are near Reims for them to have responded well. I suspect that the French will attack during this next turn to draw off my Bavarian offensive. I am almost in a good position to start using Toul as another French manpower and morale drain – something I think Tom is very worried about. I think he will have to try and recapture the hex from me before I have time to settle down and dig in – this should keep him from too much mischief.

The Alps Corps attack into Italy was successful – a small (very small) corps has been destroyed. This is also something to play with Tom’s mind with. Now he has to consolidate the Italians in defensive positions – possibly giving up some of his captured ground near Triest – or my Alps Corps will just be able to munch on too many small Italian units and possibly reach the Italian plains.