Aug I 37

(Mud Zone 7,1,2,9 – clear elsewhere)

Political Developments

KMT diplomats sign a treaty with the Regional government of Shangtung, promising greater development and investment in the province over the next few years, sweetened with an immediate boost to the provincial treasury and a personal ‘salary’ to the ruling warlord. A warm and ongoing relationship between provincial and national governments is predicted. (Bribes help to bring Shangtung into cooperation with the KMT). Dissappointment further south as the Kwangtung Provincial Governemnt cite ongoing displeasure with national policy and its concentration on ‘northern affairs’ to the detriment of the south’s economic development. An immediate grant of government treasury bonds fails to sway local opinion (Kwangtung goes uncooperative!)

Japanese Player Turn

Reinforcements begin to arrive from Manchukuo and Japan and local commanders begin attacking Chinese forces to quickly break the line and begin the expected sweep across northern China. wading through the mud, the Senda Mechanised XX and newly motorised 1DK Lt X attack across the Yang River a Hopei infantry corp (Three Inf XX) but (un)surpringly meet with little success (AS). Of greater concern was the failure of a much vaunted attack by the 20th Lt XX across the river defence line on Hopei units, but as troops were disembarking from loaclly commandeered junks and fishing craft used to cross the river, spirited defence panicked the attackers who fled in disorder and could only be rallied by their distraught officers some 16 miles from their start line (AR).

In Tsientsin, the 5th Mountain XX takes the last hex held by a lone Ho Pol X. In the air, Japanese bombs rain down on the transportation network. In defence of their homeland, the pilots of the Hawk II, specially trained and awaiting this oppurtunity attempt to intercept the attacking waves of Ki-2-1 bombers, only to be shot from the skies in suffcient numbers to send the counter to the aborted box. Obviously non-plussed by the brave showing of the chinese, the bomb aimers miss their runs and the bombs fall wide, and all rail lines north remain open. Amphibios operations planned against Wosung (and are planned each turn until needed)

Chinese Player Turn

CA XX’s deployed behind the Yang and Machang Rivers, bolstered by Hopei, MNF and Manchurian units. In Shansi, local Warlord cavalry units with help from MNF and CA units advance to the hills around Kalgan, putting forward and aggresive defence. Behind them, construction begins of fortifications along selected ‘choke’ points along the Shansi railway. Around Shanghai, the CA XX’s are finally emplaced in positions ready to get revenge on the Japanese Marines for 1932. CA units in Canton are redeployed to Fukien.