July II 37

Japanese Player Turn

Manchukuo and Jehol cavalry and militia units attack the MNF Warlord units stationed at Kalgan but are surprisingly thrown back (AR). Within the Peking/Tsientsin Special District, a mass of overruns are conducted by available forces, taking much of the region from the pitiful Chinese units, with the 1 DK Light X securing Peking. There are limited exploitation moves due to caution on the Japanese behalf.

Chinese Player Turn

CA Divisions and assorted units head for the fortified ring around Shanghai, staff officers careful to avoid undue antagonism towards the Japanese forces in the region by keeping a safe distance from the city hexes. Six CA XX are railed north to behind the main defence line along the Yungting River, accompanied by a mass of MNF Warlord units, eager to show their patriotism for the cause, who flock to Hopei and Shansi provinces. MNF Cavalry units march to positions west of Kalgan to support the garrison in the city and make it difficult for the unpatriotic Puppets (may their ancestors find no peace). The CAF flies into Shihkiachuang its modern fleet of Hawk II fighters, ready to provide an unbreakable umbrella over the groundpounders. In distant Shensi, the 8th Route army begins marching to the far off sound of battle, the rough terrain it faces, sure to delay arrival at the front for several weeks.