May I 41 Allied Turn

Malta status = 11
The first Alamein fort is completed.

The Hurri 2s are retained in the Desert, not sent to Malta. Malta AA is supplied from the East Med.
With AS now available the Allied army turns and attacks an Italian corps based on Trieste plus four tk II. One step of AS is retained so the attackers are only partially supplied. This corps is chosen because it can be surrounded for a ZOC kill (but unlike German c/m stacks can’t retreat over friendly units), plus killing Trieste deprives the Axis of the option of demotorising it for additional SMPs.  4 GSPs are moved forward by the 2nd SG to the 7th Arm XX stack to ensure full c/m movement next turn even if isolated.
With huge air support the attack goes in at 4:1 -1; a 3 is rolled, with -1 that is a HX result.
Afterwards, 7 Arm XX on the southern flank pulls back slightly
Losses; It; 1 x 5-8 Mot Inf XX, 4 x 1-6 tk II, 1 x 1-8 Mot Art III
Br; 3-8 Inf X, 1-10 Ind Mot inf X, 1-8 MG II.

May I 41 Axis Turn

1 hit on Malta takes the Malta status to 12.
DAK hits the Australian XXX at the north end of the Allied line, with Rommel sending 5Le swinging round and attacking them from the rear.  3:2 +2; a 5 turns into a 7 for DE
Disaster!  The Allies lose 2 entire Australian divisions plus an armoured brigade.
In exploitation the Axis manage to surround the two remaining front line Corps.

May II 41 Alied Turn

Malta status = 10
The Wellington is called away to Greece.
A second fort is started at El Alamein.
Malta supply convoy arrives.

Desperate times call for desperate measures; A British Inf X ZOCs in Ariete, 2nd SG gives a supply path out for the besieged corps.  The attack goes in at 3:1 -1; DR becomes HX.
Losses; It 5-8 Lt Arm XX, 1-8 Art III, Ger; Hvy AA and mot AT IIs.
British; 4th Ind XX cadred.

Exploitation leaves a strong stack built on 7th Arm XX stuck 4 hexes SE of Sidi Barrani, with the Indians on their own one hex to the NW. Matruh is garrisoned by the Greeks and Free French with an AT II in support.

May II 41 Axis Turn

5Le is out of supply (but not isolated).
A SM 79 and a Ju 87 miss Malta. Status remains at 10.

Both arriving AS are sunk en route, but the 3-10 Ger Mot III arrives in Bengahzi.
Cons units repair the airfield outside Tobruch and build a new temp airfield in Bardiya. 2 Ju87s (1 Ger, 1 It) fly in along with fighters and the BR 20Ms rebase forward too.
Rommel decides that 7th Arm XX is too strong to risk attacking with weakened Italian support, and instead mops up the Indians, saving the last available AS.
In Exploit the thin DAK forces form a ragged line halfway between Sidi Barrani and Matruh.
Losses; 3-8 Ind Cadre, 2-8 Br Inf X.