June I Allied turn

The Malta supply convoy from Gib is sunk – all E med transports are evacuating forces from Greece.
Malta status is now 8

The evacuation goes badly; only the two ANZAC HQs, one 2-8 Aus X, the artillery, MNBDO AA, and 1 pt lit AA are saved.
The second Alamein fort is completed, and the Allies retreat to that line blowing the Matruh airfield en route.
The Wel 1C attempts a night raid on Tobruch port but misses.

June I Axis turn

Ju87s and SM 79s both hit Malta, Status now 10.
One of the anti-shipping SM 79-2s rebases to newly captured Crete.
DAK forms up 4 hexes west of Alamein.

Jun II Allied Turn

Malta status now 8

Malta is supplied from Alex (with 1 West med and One East Med transport sunk).
The Alamein line solidifies. The Wel 1C misses Tobruch again.

June II Axis turn

Malta bombers miss, as the bulk of the Axis air forces moves up to the front line.
All reinforcements arrive safely, incl 2 AS at Tobruch.
DAK forms a defensive line 3 hexes east of Alamein.