Yearly analysis: 1940

Our rule modifications have significantly changed the game, definitely adding more flow as well as an advantage for the attacker. Although some might think the change in the supply rules were the biggest change, I tend to disagree. Tobruk and Alexandria were opened as soon as possible as supply terminals and began generating supply immediately. This, coupled with naval transport coming from Sicily and a high Malta rating would have helped the supply situation of any Italian forces. Also, the Axis commander used SMPs and his Engineer and parachute brigades to enhance the movement of supply east. It seems to the British that supplies arrive just in time for every offensive, and luck is certainly favoring the Axis. The rule allowing roads to be built anywhere certainly made a huge difference as the Italians could attack quickly and effectively instead of waiting around for Operation Compass to roll over them, although I don’t see how it is “unfair” other than in the way the campaign historically panned out. A road from Oasis de Giarabub to Siwa Oasis would have been quicker than one through Halfaya, and might have been more helpful.

The main reasons this game has departed from the historical is twofold. First, a vicious Italian attack into Egypt rather than allowing the debacle at Sidi Barrani allowed a huge advantage, which in my opinion was possible if difficult to logistically manage. The second reason was tactical brilliance, and when I say this I mean incredible dice rolls. I swear, these dice must have been weighted in favor of the Axis. The wonderful first attack on the center of the WDF’s line in late September and the abysmally failed attempt to free the captured forces early next October gave the Italians not only the upper hand in momentum, but perhaps the entire war. Had this campaign panned out historically as ours had the Germans my have been able to attack the USSR through the Caucuses much more easily due to the element of surprise in June of ’41, as well have secured the middle east oil fields and perhaps even the support of Turkey and some French. Of course, whether the 10th Army succeeds in making this possible is yet to be seen