I Dec 1940

Little remains to stop the 10th Army now. Troops are aligned opposite of Ismalia, but the southern third of the Nile remains undefended due to a lack of forces.
The pocketed armor force still can’t be eliminated due to severe lack of supply. It is tying down most of the Italian infantry reserves, and with Libyans and Egyptians still securing the south crossing the Nile is a risky proposition. Not one to sit by while a risk could be taken, the Italian commander again commits his armor to swinging behind the WDF’s line by crossing the Nile at its undefended point to the south, making their supply situation untenable. Mussolini concedes to the Italian commander’s request for more aid and allows units of the 5th Army to be placed under 10th Army’s command. A division books it east to join up with forces in Egypt. Thanks to an Egyptian infantry brigade all Nile cities are Axis, with Port Safage to fall by Christmas.

II Dec 1940

The WDF (as of Christmas the Palestinian Guard, or PG) falls back to just west of Palestine due to a Libyan motor brigade threatening supply. With some supply in Haifa, now a supply terminal, and reinforcements beginning to arrive the Palestinian Guard may be able to initiate effective counterattacks early next year.
Unsupplied motor forces push a contingent of the PG into Palestine (4:1; +3 AECA: DR), although the Italian CinC expected better. The armored force just west of the Nile is still proving to be a thorn in the Italian’s side. 10th Army receives a second division from the 5th in Tripolitania.