From the Axis players point of view I honestly thought up until May II had the game in the bag, particularly after the devastating attacks on the American forces in Algeria and the British infantry in Tunisia. unfortunately I neglected the fact that the Allied player had lots of RPs available. I also deluded myself into thinking I could hold the line west of Algers. Unfortunately the terrain just isn’t suitable for this, especially once the weather becomes clear again. I had spent much of winter
constructing a series of forts running along the reasonable terrain from Bougie to Bordj bou Arreridj. In retrospect I should of headed there in about March, but I didn’t and paid the price getting caught in the open (rough?) by the Allies. This shortened line and better terrain could have freed up a couple of units to back up the Gabes Gap line and prevented the explosive motorised movement that occurred in May in Tunisia. This failure to provide a wicket keeper to the troops in Gabes meant disaster when the gap was breached.

Oh well, next time I’ll get to be the Allied player and kick some butt.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the reports.