The 7th Armoured XX and Greeks attack the Ariete cadre and force it
back (DR result) while elsewhere in northern Tunisia various speed bumps are
swallowed up by the advancing allied main force. Bone is taken by Armoured
and recon units, who, although unsupplied, rely on armoured superiority to
drive the blackshirts out. (2:1 +3 AECA = EX) Philippville is hit by
forces switched from outside Constantine (hey there’s massive tanks in that
city!) and despite also not having a supply line destroy the defenders (4:1
+3 AECA = DE) Following on from the main battle zone in Algeria, the US
Armoured units attack the 164th Cadre in the middle of their retreat and the
Germans, footsore and tired, throw up their hands, convinced the war is
over. (4:1 -1 rough, +3 AECA = DE) The British 6th Armoured bypassing the
city of Algers, stuffed full with the remnants of Panzer Armee Africa and
assaults Bougie, defended by the 115 *III and 190 Pz II. The defenders are
in a fort which helps tip the balance to make it a bloody battle for the
British (3:1 = HX) At Medea, US Infantry and armoured units surround and
attack the 334th XX with various Italians attached and force a brutal
exchange result (3:2 (no AS) -1 rough +2 AECA = EX) Surrounded the Germans
throw up their hands and are marched off to the rear. Around Algers, the
port city is surrounded by the mass of British infantry of the 1st Army.
With overwhelming air support the fight is short and brutal and the
defenders soon buckle and surrender. (4:1 = DH) In the exploitation phase,
mechanised patrols of the 1st and 8th army meet at Djidjelli to the flash
photography of numerous war correspondents. Bizerte is cut off by 8th Army
motorised forces.

The German CinC is bitterly disappointed at the news flooding into
his tactical HQ at Constantine. Bizerte is evacuated by air to Sicily. He
orders his last few Panzers and Motorised forces to gather at Bone (now
unoccupied). Pausing only to tell the local mayor to take down the bunting,
he boards a transport plane for Rome to report in person what exactly went
wrong in the past six weeks to his superiors. The remaining members of the
once glorious DAK dig in a shallow defence line around Bone and await their
heroic end. Sniff.