Hans Dorfmann, a 58 year old Bremen Traffic cop scanned the sky over his native city.  The skies were  gray but clear of American bombers.  HIs attention was caught by a distant metallic clank.  The noise grew louder, new panzers headed for the front, he thought.  Which front, he wondered, they both seemed to be getting closer to Breman by the day.  A few minutes later he saw it , tanks, at least a company of them accompanied infantry filled half tracks.  He realized these were no Panzer, they were American Shemans.  The Americans were driving right into Breman and there was no one to stop them, even the Hitler Youth had been sent to the front.

All hell has broken loose in northern Germany.  In early March the few reconstituted units Had been strung out around the area where the American 6th Corps had crossed the border from the Netherlands.  Some units had been sent to block the road to the Ruhr, others the road towards the Baltic Coast and Germany’s Great ports of Breman and Hamburg.  The key position was a few miles west of the Ems River.  A single front line infantry division and a Panzer brigade, both hurriedly rebuilt with replacements took position with swamps on their left making it difficult for the Americans to bypass their position.  Instead accompanied by clouds of Jabos they came right at them.  In the heavy fighting the German defenders cracked, the badly outnumbered Panzers wiped out, but not before inflicting some losses on the attackers while the rump of the infantry division retreated to the east behind the Ems river hoping to block further movement eastward.  The Americans simply flowed around the survivors spreading out to seize Wilhelmshaven, Ems and Breman.  German demolition teams blew the port facilities before fleeing, but the undamaged airfields soon greeted clouds of  C-47s bringing SAS battalions, a Norwegian Mountain Brigade and anyone else within shouting distance of a British airfield.
Along the Westwall fighting continued.  The Americans made more breakthroughs in the Netherlands with armored forces streaming through gaps in the German lines flowing behind the segments of the broken German lines.  A second American attempt to seize Aachen failed with the American attackers retreating in disorder.  Further south the British and French captured another segment of the Westwall while at  the southern end the Westwall, the Americans destroyed another segment of the Westwall along with its defenders.  An American armored force begins to push through a gap in the German lines threatening to break out toward Stuttgart.  In Italy the CEF destroyed the remnants of a German RSI corps and threatened to cut off the eastern wing of the German army.  An American attack in the center failed to make headway.