The warming air and continuing precipitation turns the bulk of the battle field to mud effectively shutting down any major offensive but local attacks continue where sheer mass is sufficient to overcome opposition.

Finnish Front: The Soviet Murmansk relief column arrives to find the city has fallen and elite German mountain troops bar the railroad 16 miles south of the city. They muster their forces and prepare for a later assault.

Further south Soviet troops push towards Allakurtti eliminating two German Ski Battalions and Ukhta exchanging a bdr and regular regiment of Finns.

Leningrad Front: The Soviets continue the drive from Narva but the defenders pull back in good order, while  they pull back the Western advance from Pskov to consolidate earlier gains.

The main drive south takes advantage of the failure of the German counter attack and cadres a 16-10 Panzer and supporting infantry division in a 3 hex assault.

At Kalinin the eastern shoulder continues to firm up with a fortified defence east of the river and a screen east of it limiting German expansion. Fresh troops from the East arrive in force along the rail line to the north and prepare to march south through the swaps to set up a perimeter at the periphery. At the western end of the breach the out of supply former front line continues to inch back but maintain a large stack of mainly U2 units at the key forested crossroads at the NE of the Valdai.

Moscow Front: The isolated pocket survives the isolation roll and awaits the inevitable German assault while fortification continues east of the city.

Voronezh Front: More and more of the front line shuts down offensive operations and prepares for defence.  Around Orel two attacks result in a DR and NE signalling the effective end of the Soviet Winter Counteroffensive on this front.

Crimea and Odessa.  Odessa loses nothing from isolation. The attack from Kerch eliminates the German infantry cadre which has been retreating before it and an Italian division in a HX.

Air War. The VVS puts up lots of DAS and initiates a long medium range raid to Dnepropetrovsk aborting a Henkel on the ground.

Local fighter squadrons successfully protect the transport fleet eliminating a German twin engine fighter in the process and the transports deliver 6REs of supply to Odessa against German fighter opposition.

Battle Report:
Attacks Diced= 7
Losses Soviet = 20;
Germans = 17,
Italians = 4,
Fins = = 2