Leningrad: The10th Mech continues to drive into the Finnish flank and cadres another 5-6.

Moscow; The free mech forces fall back to the Moscow Defence line and are replaced by a thin screen of units designed to slow the advance. Trapped mech exfiltrates back into supply.

Smolensk: The trapped units coalesce into the remaining forts and cities to form islands of resistance or fall back East where they can surround the panzers to fragment the German encirclement. A line forms from a fort in the river bend south of Orsha to the wood/swaps East of Smolensk from fleeing remnants to attempt to block further forces from the German’s Moscow drive moving south.

Kiev: Trapped mech with infantry from outside the pocket attempt a breakout by counter attacking a 6-10/Stug stack but are repulsed.  Other forces flee east and south.  The powerful mech force inside the Kiev pocket and supplied by the air-bridge from Kharkov attacks a 8-6 infantry division but only achieves a retreat.  A 7-4-8 Tank advances to interdict the German supply line to the south of the city.

Odessa; The pocket is supplied by sea.  Forces along the lower Dnieper eliminate the lone 2-10 luft AA to the south of the river and reform the line trapping the Panzer unit threatening the Crimea.

Interior; The MLR is increasingly manned and fortified. It runs complete from Narva to Moscow except for a couple of open hexes in the Valdai then south to Kursk. Here the line ends and there is a wide gap to Dnepropetrovsk except for Kharkov and a manned hex either side. From Dnepropetrovsk the line follows the river to the coast.