Snow has arrived. The Entente is almost completely entrenched, only two hexes in the Verdun area remain to finish. Reinforcements are rushed to the defense of Lille, putting 6 full strength divisions into the city. The British and Belgians continue to ensure that their portions of the line are well defended with ample reserves to help defend any attacked hex.

The Central Powers are unable to react in any organized manner.

Tom: 1914 is almost over and it looks like I was able to dodge the bullets in some respects. The major victory of holding Lille is necessary for the French rail net. It currently stands at 36 (not counting supply depots) which will only be reduced further as more British armies come to the mainland. The British have survived with a NW of 5, above the current German NW of 4. The Belgians are 5 full strength divisions. The French, on the other hand, are extremely battered. They are down to a NW of 2. This does not look good going into the new year. The French could be in big trouble in late 1915 if the Germans are able to continue to batter their morale. I am hoping to have the British stage a counter attack in the Lille area to try and capture at least one of the hexes adjacent to Lille and cut down on Lille’s exposure. Right now, Lille has become a major sinkhole for French troops.

The Central Powers line is quiet for the end of the year. Another attempt at a Zepplin raid results in them getting lost before reaching their target. The Central Powers do not launch any attacks, preferring to move their three remaining resource points into position to attempt the repair of some more coal resources.

The Entente is not able to react with any of his armies.

Carl: 1914 is ended with a whimper. The arrival of snow and a lack of resource points to spare, has prevented me from another assault on Lille. It is best to be able to do one attack during the reaction combat phase and another during my normal combat phase. If the results work out right, I should be able to take the city during my normal combat phase. It is time to rest the troops and build back up my strength for spring. I hope to be able to take Lille sometime before the winter is over and keep the French morale going down. This is the only place for me to concentrate on the offensive for now. By the time summer arrives, I hope to be able to pressure Reims again and perhaps one of the fortifications in the south, either Toul or Epinal. Once again, these fortifications are worth too much national morale for the French to afford to lose. He will have to defend them and lose the troops.