The weather is still mud. The BEF takes over the responsibility for another hex while the French 5th Army is only defending Lille now. The French 4th Army consolidates its line behind Verdun by retreating one more hex. The rest of the line continues to entrench and prepare for the winter season.

The Central Powers react with another assault on Lille which reduces the defense to only two cadres remaining. Verdun falls to another assault. The French are almost reduced to a NW level of 2 (morale is 201)! The Central Powers lost 36 German Manpower, 4 Saxon Manpower, 4 Bavarian Manpower, and 8 Equipment Points. The Entente lost isolated 5 Equipment points in Verdun and 13 French Metropolitan Manpower, 11 French Colonial Manpower, and 30 Equipment points in Lille.

The French use exploitation movement to reinforce Lille with some cavalry and motorized troops. These are unsupported troops and will not add much to the defense, but it is something.

Tom: It looks like Lille is about to fall during the Central Powers turn. The French morale situation is extremely poor. It looks like it may hit bottom during 1915 if I am not careful. The British are still at NW 5, but they will not last there for very long. The British will have to bear the brunt of the attacks during 1915 to save French morale.

The Central Powers begin to switch to a defensive mode along the front lines. The third attempt to raid London with Zepplins fails again as they get lost yet again. An assault on Lille occurs, but once again the French defenders hold with heavy losses. This forces the French NW to 2. The Central Powers lost 8 German Manpower and 8 Equipment points. The Entente lost 8 French Metropolitan Manpower and 8 French African Manpower points.

The French are able to react and start two corps moving to the rear to rail up to Lille during their next turn.

Carl: Lille is still in French hands. It is bleeding the French to hold it and French morale is falling to dangerous levels. Things are looking up for a French collapse during 1915. It is the French need to take their losses in brigades and regiments while the Germans cadre their divisions that is really pressing the French down. The French have not been able to send enough full strength divisions to Lille’s defense to minimize their morale exposure while maximizing their combat strength. I hope the Entente continues on this path, it will make it easier to continue to reduce the French morale.