AUGUST I INSURGENTS – Madrid falls, albeit with a 4:1 – 2 EX result; but the Insurgents did capture 3 steps of badly needed attack supply. At least the Loyalists went down swinging. Another victory outside of Zaragoza and one east of Almeria made this a watershed turn. Can’t wait for the 13 divisions it took to reduce the city to turn south and see how far they can push before Mud.

AUGUST I LOYALISTS – Where to defend and when to retreat is the recipe for survival. Still no Revolt in Barcelona so they have that going for them.

A little digression here. I should just pack this in but a perverse sense of “what if” is driving me on. What if Franco succeeds in late 1937? Would a Spanish Civil War that lasted a little more than 1 year mean a quicker recovery than one that lasted nearly 3 years? Would his demands of Hitler (assuming Franco would even honor them if agreed to) for support and French territory in Africa been less severe? You know, more like going to the dentist to have some teeth filled, but not pulled. Personally I think Franco could read maps and see how naked he would be while Great Britain ruled the waves. All of that coastline to defend could have given Franco a readymade excuse even IF Adolf agreed to his armaments, petrol, food, etc. demands.

AUG II 1937

AUG II 1937

AUGUST II – INSURGENTS – An attack south of Madrid clears the Tajao River line and an Ex result with all Italian forces takes another hex southwest of Zara. Elsewhere ponderous corps are moved into position in western Castilla and in Aragon for the big pre-Mud push.

AUGUST II – LOYALISTS – No good options for counter attacks so beefing up the line is in order. The Loyalist dead pool right now sports 15 divisions of all affiliations and another 40 or so regiments or brigades. In contrast not only do the Insurgents have about 30 infantry replacement points but the only forces in their dead pool are the recently deceased Italians and a few artillery regiments.