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The Legion doesnt make Heros. Heros is what the legion kills

Just a short but sad news today: As of Oct 18th the Website of HMS is down. Since we also haven’t heard from anyone at HMS in some months , we fear this might just be yet another step in Europas slow demise. Lets pray to the gods of cardboard wars that everyone at HMS is okay, and that Total War still might see the light of day sometimes in the not so far away future.

Update, 22.10.2016:
Looks like the site is back, alas the last update is still from February 2016. So while there is no catastrophy, the agony continues.


  1. Bill Jennings

    I have just discovered this site. While I am saddened to hear that the latest iteration of Europa is in limbo, I would like to find out if it is possible to get copies of the parts for the older versions (particularly GDW). Recently, I found a copy of Scorched Earth at a local used bookstore with maps and nearly complete, unpunched counters. However, because the previous owner had died and the family basically sold the entire collection in bulk (boxed games) without searching for any folders or binders with all of the other materials (rules, charts, CRT, OOB, etc.). I would like to complete this copy of SE since it is my oldest (and best) wargame opponent “grail game” and give it to him as a gift. Is there any way to get these materials?

    • chef

      Hi Bill,
      sorry for the late response. The Europa Trademark is still carefully guarded, and so I cannot point you to any online source for help. However, you could join the two “Europa” groups at Yahoo that are pretty active, and maybe someone can help you there with a scan or a copy of some of your missing charts. As you can see I have some of the charts in the Armory, but I deliberately do not post high resolution scans out of respect for the copyright holders.
      Best of Luck!

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