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The Casino is open!

As a little experiment I’ve installed some more plugins (breaking my vow to not overload the poor site with gimmicks) and opened some forums. You’ll find them in the main navigation under “Casino” – I thought that would be a fitting name. Also, I´ve copy&pasted&adapted some rudimentary forum rules, but in the end I will have little time and motivation to police, so it comes down to:

  1. Be respectful
  2. Do not do anything illegal
  3. Talk about Strategy games.

If you need an extensive rulebook to understand these guidelines, the General Staff is not for you, and, since it is my little fiefdom, I will ban you, quicker than you can say Sturmgeschütz.

But aside with the nasty talk, I hope you´ll enjoy this little adition. I am still thinking on how to best add a files section, for now its a simply another forum.



  1. Chris

    As somebody who has the rules and counters for TW, and who has waited decades for the game to be finished, I have to ask, What’s it all for? Can I play the game without an OB/OA? Rules I could make up, but the setup, etc?

    And, should I call HMS/GRD and volunteer to help out? I’m retired, not too near death, and maybe I could assist. Is it worth it, or have they thrown in the dice?

    • chef

      Hi Chris,
      you are luckier than me, I paid in advance 15 years ago, and have seen neither rules, nor counters, nor anything of Total War yet. But maybe at some point someone will be able to get a hold of the OB and we can at least print out TW ourselves. Regarding volunteering, I have no idea about the cuurrent status of HMS, their website hasn’t been updated in over a year, and my guts would tell me you wont even find someone to volunteer with. So I am afraid I can’t give you an answer, other than that you could ask around on the mailing list, or simply give HMS a call – if someone picks up.

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