Hello everyone. The past two days I’ve fixed errors in the navigation (two game reports were inaccesible) and improved the right navigation that pops up on multi-page-articles. Now its possible to jump back from there to the category the article is placed in, and additionally I’ve increased the width of the column to include longter headlines. Looks good to me. my attempt in integrating a lightbox has been thwarted tho by an JS-Error that places the full-size image at the end of the page instead of opeing the lightbox. Why that is, I dont know, so I might either try out a different lightbox or abandon the idea for a while.

Upcoming are more images (I shall shameslessly plunder some Wiki Commons in oder to provide some better maps), as well as an improved treatment of maps and images on the site. Even if I dont fix the lightbox, I will at least provide some frame around images and space for a proper caption. See you then!