Apart from some minor repair I’ve done there’s new stuff in the Zentralabteilung. Unfortunately, the small glossary I’ve written is intended to trranslate into German some of the stranger terms from the Europa-Community, so it will be of little use to you English-speaking folks. Still it was lots of more work than I exprected.

Other than that, I am working on updating the neglected link-list and commenting the more interesting of them. And then there’s still this article on the Spanish Civil War, half ready… Oh well, the world will not end waiting for another half year for my wisdom to spread, right?

Oh, and lest I forget: I’ve taken a look on my providers statistics, and they say the Generalstab has app. 350 hits per month. Even if I attribute two thirds of them to myself and some robots, thats still more than I thought. And its only the redirection that they’re counting, I have to ask my university wether they keep track of the hits I’m receiving there – which would be the more interesting data.