When reading this or any document that has recorded the history of the Nisei in World War II, it becomes easy to believe that the exploits completed by these units are just as astonishing as any other military outfits but this conclusion would be incorrect. These individuals may have been equal to any other soldier on the battlefield, but when they joined together into their respective units they could complete astonishing goals unprecedented by any other military unit every to have served in the US military. These soldiers are to be revered as they have been, with more decorations than any other unit. They fought not only for their countries but for the respect and dignity their ethnicity deserved. Secretary of the Interior Ickes was correct when he said that the military units serving in the war helped change US opinion about Japanese Americans than any other factor.

P.S.: To honor the outstanding achievements of the 100th Inf II I’d suggest its rating be changed from the current 1-8 to a 2-1-8. The unit was overstrength (six companies to the usual three or four) and from its many awards certainly deserves recognition for the great risks the soldiers of this unit were willing to take as well as the great feats they accomplished.