The Grenadier # 34 - Cover

The Grenadier # 34 – Cover

Published October 1988
Pages: 60
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.25″


  • Editorial: Generally Speaking by Jeffry Tibbetts
  • Advanced Squad Leader: Part One The Phenomenon – review by James M. Collier
  • Watchdogs of the Empire: His Majesty’s African Troops in WW II – historical article by John Gee
  • The Cabinet War Rooms – Britain’s Newest Tourist Mecca by Alvin T. Guthertz
  • Central America: A Game Review and Commentary by John D. Burtt and Joseph Miranda
  • CRT [computer wargame review column] by Bill Nichols
    • Battalion Commander by SSI
    • Kampfgruppe Scenario Disk I by SSI
    • War in the South Pacific by SSI
    • Gunship by Microprose
  • Europa Notes: Total War in Baltimore by Andy Nunez
  • 9:00 by Jack Radey
  • Pass in Review: books of interest to the military hobbyist
  • A Company on Parade: Changes at DTI, 3W, West End and GAMA by Wallace Poulter and Jeffry Tibbetts
  • Short Arms – Reviews in Brief
    • Drive on Frankfurt by Pacific Rim Publishing
    • Knights of Justice by 3-W in The Wargamer 50
    • Hastings 1066 by Dragon Publishing in Strategy & Tactics 110
    • End of the Iron Dream by 3-W in The Wargamer 42
    • Mission: Grenada by Close Simulations
    • Anvil-Dragoon by 3-W in The Wargamer 60
    • Line of Battle: Tactical Capital Ship Combat 1914-1924 by Simulations Canada
    • Battleship: Tactical Capital Ship Combat 1925-1945 by Simulations Canada
    • France 1944 by Victory Games
    • Clash of Empires by 3-W in The Wargamer 58
    • Fallen Eagle: the Battle of Khe Sahn by 3-W in The Wargamer 62

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