The Grenadier # 25 - Cover

The Grenadier # 25 – Cover

Published March – April 1985
Pages: 60
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.25″


  • Editorial: Generally Speaking by Jeffry Tibbetts
  • Fire in the East
    • A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Europa by Marion Bates
    • Back in the USSR by Jeff Millefoglie
    • Fire in the West by Harald Hansen
  • Strategic Games of the American Civil War
    • Part II: American Civil War by James T. Naughton
  • All in favor of Blitzkrieg – a Fire in the East roundtable by Jack Radey
  • 9:00 by Jack Radey
  • Europa Notes by John M. Astell
  • Pass in Review: books of interest to the military hobbyist by George Mead, Booksellor
  • A Company on Parade: Game Designers Workshop by Winston Hamilton
  • Short Arms – Reviews in Brief
    • Killer Angels: Lee’s Offensive in the North, June to August, 1863 by West End Games
    • Guadalcanal Campaign computer wargame by Strategic Simulations, Inc.
    • Air War 2nd Edition by SPI [TSR]
    • The Third World War: Battle for Germany by Game Designers Workshop
    • Stars and Bars by 3-W in The Wargamer 30
    • Ortona by Simulations Canada
    • Fire in the East Play Aids Kit 1 by Game Research / Design
    • The One World by Simulations Canada
    • Southern Front: The Third World War Game 2 by Game Designers Workshop