The Grenadier # 16 - Cover

The Grenadier # 16 – Cover

January 1983 – 8.5 by 11 inches, 44 pages.


  • Editorial by Jeffry Tibbetts
  • Europa Notes: German Ground Unit OB by John M. Astell
  • Guilford Courthouse by David S. Bieksza
  • A Tactical Anaylsis
  • The Historical Perspective
  • 9:00 by Jack Radey
  • The Guns of August review by Shelton Yee
  • The View From Our Porthole by Terry Jackson and Clint Bigglestone
  • Kanev: Parachutes Across The Dnepr review by Tom Oleson
    • Designer’s reply by Jack Radey
  • Computer Wargames: An Overview by Shelton Yee
  • Short Arms – Reviews in Brief
    • Attack in the Ardennes by Game Designers Workshop
    • Bomber by Yaquinto Publications, Inc.
    • Behind Enemy Lines WW2 role-playing rules by FASA
    • The Battle of Trafalgar book by Naval Institute Press
    • Zulu Attack: Isandlwana, January 22, 1878 by Phoenix Enterprises
    • Guadalcanal Campaign computer wargame by Strategic Simulations Inc
    • United Nations by Yaquinto Publications, Inc.
    • Napoleon’s Last Triumph by Simulations Canada
    • Army Group North by Strategic Studies Games
    • Monty: the Making of a General book by McGraw-Hill Book Company
    • Texas Revolution by Mings Enterprises
    • Gettysburg: High Tide of the Confederacy by Phoenix Enterprises
    • An Illustated Guide to Modern Fighters and Attack Aircraft book by Arco Publishing