The Europa Magazine #86 - Cover

The Europa Magazine #86 – Cover

(Vol.XV, No.4, 2004)

  • “Company Briefing: Purchase of GRD Games by Historical Military Services” (Commentary) Gar Olmstead, Cory Manka and  E. Goodwin
  • “Inside Europa: All Calibers Great and Small” (Historical) John Astell
  • Europa Playtest Report: Total War, as Played in Spain” (Series Replay) Carlos A. Pérez (Total War)
  • Europa Battlefield Report: 1939 Allied Black Forest Offensive – Operation Saar/First to Fight Replay” (Series Replay) Greg Bartells (First to Fight)
  • Europa Order of Battle: More Allied Mountain Units” (Variant) Stefan Farrelly (Second Front/Wavell’s War)
  • “FAR OUT EUROPA: A Greatly Reinforced Barbarossa” (Variant)  E. Goodwin and Randy Moffat (Scorched Earth)
  • Glory Battlefield ReportWar of Resistance – Pennsylvania Style, Part II” (Series Replay) Fred Helferrich (War of Resistance)
  • Europa Order of Battle: Armies in Exile 3 – The Dutch Prinses Irene Brigade” (Historical) Alan Philson
  • Europa and Glory Aloft: The Ship Killer – The Douglas SBD Dauntless” (Historical) James A. Broshot
  • Europa Humor: Should Santa Claus be in Total War?” (Commentary) Alan Tibbetts, Jim Broshot, William Dalzell, and Frank Watson